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Wandsworth Psychotherapy is the website for Sara Macgregor.  I am an experienced psychotherapist working in private practice and based in Wandsworth, South West London.  I have over 10 year’s post-qualification experience of working therapeutically with adults.  My consulting room is located within easy reach of Clapham Junction and Wandsworth Town Stations.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a method of self enquiry.  It is a collaborative endeavour between you and your psychotherapist.  Many of the difficulties that bring people to therapy stem from the existence of painful or disturbing thoughts and feelings which have become inaccessible to everyday awareness.  From behind the scenes these very same thoughts and feelings, or psychic realities, exert an influence on our ways of being and relating.  When troubling states of mind and relationship problems develop, psychotherapy can help us identify and attend to these hidden aspects of the self.

Over time, the therapeutic relationship becomes a vehicle for self-reflection and for finding meaning in experience.  It can provide a degree of safety and understanding necessary for the recognition and exploration of inner processes.  The insights gained can open the way for change and personal growth.

I have many year’s experience of working one-to-one with adults who present with a wide range of issues.  Common concerns which may respond well to psychotherapy include anxiety, depression, psychosomatic symptoms, eating disorders, mood swings, lack of confidence or low self esteem and difficulties in establishing and maintaining relationships.


Psychotherapy can help address a wide range of presenting issues, including :

∼ anxiety

∼ depression

∼ relationship problems

∼ mood swings

∼ low self-esteem

∼ psychosomatic symptoms

∼ self harming behaviours

∼ the effects of abuse and trauma



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